Preet (shy_girl23) wrote in get2know,

Poll: Yes or no?

If I did this incorrectly feel free to delete it I apologize :)

Hey you guys I need to ask all of ya wonderful LJ friends for a favor. Ok well, since I'm taking Psyc we have an assignment to do for Statistics. And what I need from you guys is to ask your guys friends(lj or not) this one simple question and just tell me what you found out in a comment for this post. I would do a poll but since I don't have a paid account and very few male friends I can't.

Here is the Question:

(Please Answer Truthfully it is the only way this will work)
- As a Male, if you were asked out by a girl in a wheelchair would you say yes or would there be something holding you back? If the answer is no, why?(if possible to answer)

PLEASE if you can all do this for me I would be GREATLY appreciative. THANXS AGAIN YOU GUYS!!
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