Jennifer Ever (tiredofdreaming) wrote in get2know,
Jennifer Ever

Do you like money? Do you like having your opinion heard?

Well then do I have the thing for you! It's called Team Look-Look. Here's how it works: you reply to this (or email me at with your email address, I add you to a list, you receive an email with a link and click it, you sign up, and then team look-look sends you 15 minute marketing surveys which you can take for $5 each.

This is not a scam, and it's something I've had a lot of fun with. I have received over $100 in checks from these people, so from me to you, one consumer to another, this is genuine.

I'm looking for people ages 14-30 to sign up, and I need about 60 people for the month of March, so don't be shy - drop me a line and I will sign you up to start receiving and taking surveys.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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